competitive - attire

ask at the studio for the current competitive shoes & tights list
for your child's competitive group.


Body Suit - BLACK Ainsley Brand (empire waist – NO velvet)
Tights - MONDOR #310 or #314 PINK MICROFIBRE (convertible is better) OR CAPEZIO Stretch & Hold (for competitions).
Ballet SHOES - part-time pre-mini, pre-mini and mini all wear the Bloch split sole leather ballet shoes for comp. (sew "X's" elastic on).
Pre-junior and up wear the angelo luzio split sole 'stretchy canvas' shoe - Angelo Luzio Pink CANVAS “stretch” split sole  (sew "X's" elastic on).


Any colour crop top of your choice and black bootie shorts.


Comfortable clothing of your choice. Show your funky side!