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track suits

This year Premiere will be offering a BRAND NEW LOOK and line of competitive jackets! These track suits are MANDATORY FOR COMPETITIVE students. The RECREATIONAL students can purchase these as well if they wish.


A “NEWSLETTER” will be issued periodically throughout the year. This newsletter will update you on upcoming events, holidays etc. This will be emailed to all and posted on the Bulletin Boards. It is the parents’ responsibility to check the boards and/or check with office staff for any updates.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s well being while at Premiere Dance, please set up an appointment with our office staff to speak with Carla directly.


It is VERY IMPORTANT to check the BULLETIN BOARDS at the rear doors for News, Updates, etc. There are two Bulletin Boards - RECREATIONAL and COMPETITIVE. Even though we email all info, it is best to check the boards. Recreational information is also posted in the recreational change room and in the waiting area lower level.



Please drop off and pick up your child(ren) at rear entrance. During the winter months, please leave boots at entrance (mud room). Please pick up your child within a reasonable time after the end of class.


Please phone the studio after 2:30pm for a message to see if the studio will be closed due to inclement weather.


There are 4 change rooms. Change rooms are designated for different groups each day. Please check the signs on the doors. The RECREATIONAL/FAMILY CHANGE ROOM is on the main level marked FAMILY CHANGE ROOM.


There is a designated HOMEWORK room for students to do their homework located by back entrance. This room can be used as a lunch room. There is a microwave in this room and a snack machine (change only or credit card).


There is NO EATING OR DRINKING in any of the studios or change rooms. The HOMEWORK/LUNCHROOM has been designated for homework, eating and drinking. We ask that students PLEASE CLEAN UP after eating and drinking. Students are NOT to throw liquids into the garbage cans. They are to empty cans and/or bottles first. Thank you.