Classes will begin on:    Monday September 11, 2023
Last day of classes:        Saturday June 1, 2024
Year-End Recital is on:  Sunday June 2, 2024 (in the evening)

* All competitive students are required to dance at the year-end Recital. More information to come.


    • Every student at Premiere has been reviewed and assessed by the teachers in order to determine the placement level. 
    • The class levelling system put in place at Premiere Dance has been designed to accommodate the ability and ages of all of our dancers.
    • Careful evaluation of technical ability, past performance, attendance, as well as age, is used by our staff in order to make decisions for the
      class placements.
    • Please do not be concerned with the designation (name) of your child(ren)ʼs level or the designations of the other dancers in your child(ren)ʼs
    • Although we try to accommodate each studentʼs life schedule, there may be conflict with family or other outside activities. A student will not
      be allowed to change to a higher class level. Should a conflict exist, a student and their family will be expected to adjust their personal
      schedule to honour their commitment to the program.
    • Parents or students who have concerns regarding their placement should make an appointment with Ms. Carla for an evaluation and an opportunity to discuss concerns.


    • All competitive students are required to be in ALL regular scheduled classes. This is a commitment from both the student and their
    • Ballet Attendance and Attire: Attendance in the studentʼs ballet class is mandatory. Student will not be allowed to participate in other
      classes for that day if ballet class is missed. No refunds or credits.
    • Choreographed Routines: upon completion, attendance is MANDATORY. The following are the allotted vacation times:
      • Christmas Break: Saturday December 23, 2023 – Sunday January 7, 2024
      • March Break: Monday March 11, 2024 – Saturday March 16, 2024 (incl.)
    • Injury: if a dancer is unable to dance due to injury, they are still expected to attend ALL classes and observe to stay up to date with dance
      choreography throughout the competitive season. See CANCELLATION POLICY for more details.
    • Inclement Weather: For any possible inclement weather cancellation, please phone the office between 2:00pm and 3:00pm. A voicemail
      message will confirm any closures due to weather conditions. See CANCELLATION POLICY for more details.


    • ALL CLASSES: all students are expected to wear appropriate dance attire as follows:
      • Any crop top of your choice . . . and
      • BLACK booty shorts or fitted leggings only.
      • BALLET: all students taking part in ballet class will wear the following:
        • Body suit: BLACK – Ainsley brand (empire waist, square neck, thicker straps – no velvet)
        • Tights: PINK – Mondor #310 or #314 Pink Microfibre (convertible is recommended) or Capezio Stretch & Hold
        • Shoes: MINI company and up to ADVANCE – So Danca Pink Canvas (sew elastics in an “X” pattern on shoes)
      • HIP HOP: all students should wear clothing and foot wear that is suitable to the hip hop style (baggy pants, leggings, high top shoes,
        combat boots, etc) . . .NOT ballet clothes.
    • PDI Branded Jacket: it is mandatory attire at all competitions. They are available to order and purchase in the late fall.


    • Solos, Duets and/or Trios choreography: may be offered to selected students at the discretion of Carla and the PDI teachers. Extra
      choreography opportunities will be offered through a confidential email in mid-fall. Lessons will be scheduled outside of regular classes.
    • Small Groups and/or Lines choreography: may be offered to selected students at the discretion of Carla and the PDI teachers. Extra
      choreography opportunities will be offered through a confidential email in mid-fall. Lessons will be scheduled outside of regular classes.
    • Ballet Group choreography: if your child is selected for a ballet group they must participate.
      • Mini and Junior groups: will compete in ballet during their regular scheduled class (there are no extra choreography fees)
      • Inter, Senior and Advance groups: you will be selected for extra choreography (separate from regular scheduled classes with extra choreography fees).
    • Students are chosen by the teachersʼ on-going evaluations throughout a season to participate in any additional choreography. If a
      student has received past recommendations for various additional choreography, that does not guarantee continued
    • Students selected for Lines, Small Groups, or Solos/Duets/Trios, must first participate in the Line before accepting Small Groups,
      Solos, Duets, Trios.


COMPETITIVE FEE TUITION for full time students – please ask us for more information based on your childʼs status.

    • PAYMENT METHODS: payments are due on the 1st of each month:
      • Post-dated cheques (September to and including June)
      • NSF fee for bounced cheques = $45 + hst
      • E-transfer (to: with password: dance2024 )
      • Cash
      • Visa, Mastercard (subject to a 3.5% convenience fee per transaction)
      • The yearly tuition is based on a 10-month payment plan from September 1st to June 1st inclusive. You also have the option for
        a 9-month payment plan from September 1st to May 1st. Please indicate this on your registration form as your tuition monthly
        fees will have to be altered.
      • A discount of 30% is applied to the 2nd child based on the lower rate of a full-time competitive dancer. This does not apply to parttime
        division dancers.
      • For a family rate of 3 or more children, please see Carla.
      • The discount does not apply to syllabus graded exam classes.


      • Monthly Tuition Fee: should dancer/parent decide to leave the studio and cancel their membership to PDI during the season, they
        will be responsible for the full monthly payment of that month and any unpaid previous months. Cancellation takes place via a
        confirmed email with a read receipt and response by Ms. Carla.
      • Missed Classes: Studio is not responsible and will not credit or refund for any missed classes by the student due to, but not limited
        to: illness, school studies or outings, personal family situations, holidays, etc.
      • Inclement Weather: Should inclement weather arise on the day of your dancerʼs class/classes and we feel the need to cancel for everyoneʼs safety, we will contact you via email by 3:00pm the day of. Other alternative ways are to check Instagram, Facebook, or call the studio as a message will be left on the voicemail. There will be no refunds/credits or makeup classes in this situation.
      • Paid Costume Deposits: paid costume deposits (from October 1) and all monies owing on costumes already in production are nonrefundable.No credits, refunds or partial refunds.
      • Choreography Fees: if choreography has already begun, full fees apply. No credits, refunds or partial refunds. If choreography has not begun, and fees have been paid by the student/parent, a full refund (minus administration fee of $25 + hst) will be given.
      • Injury: based on a Doctorʼs diagnosis and the duration of the injury:
        • Short term injury: dancer will continue to attend their classes to observe any additions to the choreography. No credits, refunds or partial refunds are given.
        • Long term injury: dependant on when the long term injury happens, items such as costume deposits, costume fees (stage of completion/production of costumes), competition fees, and choreography fees may not be able to be refunded or credited. Please ask us for more details or further explanation if needed.


    • For students that have been selected to do the BALLET EXAM at the end of the dance year, there are additional fees (they vary from year to
    • For students requiring added preparation in June for their exam, extra classes are available for additional fees.
    • SYLLABUS CLASSES (fees): students taking class but NOT taking the year end examination:
      • Ballet Syllabus Grade 1 – 6: cost is $35.40 + hst ($40) per month
      • Ballet Syllabus Elementary, Intermediate: cost is $44.25 + hst ($50) per month
    • SYLLABUS CLASSES (fees): students taking class AND taking the year end examination:
      • Ballet Syllabus Grade 1 – 6: cost is $35.40 + hst ($40) per month
      • Ballet Syllabus Elementary, Intermediate: cost is $44.25 + hst ($50) per month
      • Extra Classes: (in preparation for exam, if needed) cost to be advised
      • Examination fee: cost to be advised


    • $100 non-refundable costume fee per group are due upon registration via e-transfer on October 1, 2023.
    • Costume deposits are not applicable to: Solos, Duets, Trio, or some Small Groups
    • New costumes may range in price from $200 to $350 each.
    • Costume deposits are non-refundable after November 1, 2023. No credits or refunds or partial refunds will be given after that date.


    • Extra Choreography fees for 2023/2024: Solos, Duet/Trios, Small Groups, Lines, Freelance (ask us for more information)
    • Choreography CANNOT begin until payment has been made in full.
    • All Choreography fees must be paid in full by: December 16, 2023
    • Choreography fees are non-refundable. No credits or refunds or partial refunds will be given.


    • PDI will be attending 4 to 5 competitions for the 2023/2024 season.
    • All competitions (dates) are attendance mandatory:
      • No student will be exempt from any competition. This is a commitment that all families must honour throughout the year.
      • Any competitive member not abiding by the rules of the competition or not showing up to the competition will be subject to
        disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the Competitive Company with no refunds, credits or partial refunds for any fees
        already paid and fees that are still outstanding
    • Competition schedules are generally available 1 to 2 weeks prior to the competition. The schedule will be emailed to all dancers/parents.
      Please ensure we have the correct email to get important information and schedules to you.
    • Competition Entry Fees:
      • Fees due according to each competition.
      • Most competition fees are due in early December.
      • Notification of fees will be emailed to all dancers/parents.
        • CLASS COMP. FEE (approx.)
          Solos: $ 90 – $120 + hst
          Duets / Trios: $ 60 – $ 90 + hst
          Groups: $ 60 – $ 70 + hst
      • Please ensure your child(ren) arrive to all competitions minimum 2 hours prior to scheduled “READY AND DRESSED” time. If your child is
        scheduled first thing in the morning, than 1 hour prior to scheduled time is sufficient.
      • All students MUST be present for ALL their Awards Sessions.
        • If your child does not attend their Awards and an overall award is being granted to your child, Premiere Dance will NOT honour their
          scholarship award.
        • If your child is needed by the teacher to participate in a “warm up” session for a dance routine that is scheduled immediately after
          Awards Session, they will be excused at the discretion of the teacher and not penalized.
      • Competition Hair Styles, Make-up, Shoes and Tights: will be made available prior to the first competition. Should a
        parent/guardian/dancer require information, assistance or a guide as to expectations, please let the teacher or Carla know