Premiere Dance provides caring and careful instruction for children and adults of all ages, and offers a variety of classes designed to provide a complete education in the dance arts. Some of our goals are to develop character, respect one another and teach students to set goals and discipline so that they acquire a well-rounded discipline for the dance arts.

Our professional faculty is of the highest technical and artistic standards of excellence. Our teachers are passionate and highly motivated professionals. They are always on the “cutting edge” of the newest and best teaching techniques in jass, ballet, tap, lyrical, hip hop, modern and contemporary dance.

All fees and costs at Premiere Dance Inc. are competitive with all other studios in this area. Administration Fee is $35.00 (HST included) and is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Premiere Dance will cancel or combine any classes with less than 7 students in a class..

It is the responsibility of the Parents to check the Bulletin Boards for changes in the schedule and/or upcoming events. A newsletter is administered three times a year with updates as to events, holidays, recital, etc. and is emailed to each family. Please provide the office staff with your email address when registering.

Premiere Dance Inc. will not be responsible for any injuries that occur on the premises.

If your child misses a class due to illness or family emergency, make-up classes will be available.

Please call the Studio between 2:30 – 3:30pm to check if the Studio is closed due to inclement weather.

In order to avoid being misinformed, please direct any problems or questions directly to Carla Marques, Owner and Director. Kindly set up an appointment with the office if any problems arise.

All students must demonstrate good teamanship and respect for fellow members. Please respect the property of others. Premiere Dance Inc. will not be responsible for any lost articles.

Attendance, unless for illness, is very important as each class is a team and consideration should be given to team members, especially during the months before recital when choreography is being taught. The Staff, Students and Parents must work co-operatively to help create a non-competitive, healthy atmosphere within the Studio. Encourage your child to be part of the team.

Any student dropping out of a class forfeits pre-paid fees – dance credit only.

A service charge of $35.00 is applicable with each NSF cheque returned. Fees paid by VISA or MasterCard are subject to 3.5% of each transaction.

Jazz: Any coolour body suit, proper tights and foot undies or Block black jazz boot.
Ballet: Black body suit, pink tights and pink ballet slippers.
Hip Hop: Comfortable cloting with white soled running shoes.
Tap: Any colour body suit, tights and black Mary Jane tap shoes


At the end of the season Premiere Dance Inc. will present a recital. All students are to participate in this event. If your child is unable to participate, please notify the office by January 15, 2019.

There will be a costume for each routine. A $100.00 (HST included) costume fee for each costume is required by
November 1st for recreational students. This costume fee, after January 15th, WILL NOT be refunded. If you notify the office before this date, your costume fee will be refunded.

Recreational costumes will be delivered throughout the months of April and May 2019. The costumes will be delivered with all accessories/costume/instruction sheets in a garment bag labeled with your child’s name and class time. Shoes and tights are not included in the costume fee.

Recreational picture day will be held during the month of May 2019. You will be informed of the date early in the New Year.


LOCATION: Burlington Performing Arts Centre
RECREATIONAL DRESS REHEARSAL (MANDATORY): Sunday Morning June 2, 2019 at The Burlington Peforming Arts Centre (Schedule TBA)

Recital tickets are purchased directly from the Burlington Performing Arts Centre or online. An email will be sent to all families. Ticket price varies from year to year from $28 to $35 per ticket.