Welcome to the world of Recreational Dance – a fun, physical, mentally active and socially engaging way to try something new and exciting.  It allows your child to express themselves in an open, safe environment, offer another way to de-stress and bring out their inner dancer!


“Dance is the timeless interpretation of life.”  ~ Shah Asad Rizvi

Please check out our website’s LATEST NEWS section for registration and office hours information.  You can also email us: info@premieredanceinc.com or give us a call at 905-510-3705.


It is VERY IMPORTANT to check the BULLETIN BOARDS at the office for News, Updates, etc. There are two Bulletin Boards – RECREATIONAL and COMPETITIVE that will be located in the kitchen area. Even though we email all info, it is best to check the boards.


There are 4 change rooms. Change rooms are designated for different groups each day, depending on the groups coming in. You can check with a staff at the studio if you or your child is uncertain.


Please drop off and pick up your child(ren) at the front entrance. During the winter months, please leave boots at the entrance (mud area). Please pick up your child within a reasonable time after the end of class.  Notify the studio or teacher or Miss Carla of any changes or emergencies, you may have picked up your child(ren) immediately.  We value the safety of our students, your children.


There is NO EATING OR DRINKING in any of the studios or change rooms. The HOMEWORK/KITCHEN AREA has been designated for homework, eating and drinking. We ask that students PLEASE CLEAN UP after eating and drinking. Students are NOT to throw liquids into the garbage cans. They are to empty cans and/or bottles first. Thank you.

This is the designated area for students to work on their school work and eat any snacks or foods in between or before/after dance classes. There is a microwave available for use.  Please instruct your child of clean up practices that will be instituted at the studio for everyone’s comfort and well being.  Cleanliness is required.


Please phone the studio after 2:30pm for a message to see if the studio will be closed due to inclement weather.


A “NEWSLETTER” will be issued periodically throughout the year. This newsletter will update you on upcoming events, holidays etc. This will be emailed to all and posted on the Bulletin Boards. It is the parents’ responsibility to check the boards and/or check with office staff for any updates.  Please ensure we have your correct email address.


Premiere Dance will be offering a BRAND NEW LOOK and line of sweatshirts, track suits and jackets! Although the track suits are MANDATORY for our COMPETITIVE students, our RECREATIONAL students do have the option of purchasing these items and wearing them with pride.  Check out our PREMIERE DANCE – BRANDED WEAR page for more information.



Should you have any feedback or have any concerns regarding our studio and the well being of your child(ren), please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff or Carla directly.  An appointment will be made to ensure privacy and honest feedback where requested.