“Fantastic People”

“The dance instructors at Premiere Dance and staff are Fantastic People!

This is my son’s third season and my daughter’s fourth. Both children greatly enjoy all that the instructors have taught them and the arts have given both of my children great confidence in all areas of their lives.”

Wanda T

“Professional Teachers”

“Premiere Dance Inc. is a wonderful dance studio because the teachers are extremely professional.

They foster a learning environment which enables every dancer to reach their fullest potential. Through positive reinforcement the students are given quality dance education and skills that can be used in all aspects of life.

New parents and students alike feel not only welcomed, but truly embraced by this dance family. Unquestionably a studio of unparallel caliber.”



“This is our second season at Premiere Dance. When my daughter started last year, she was welcomed with open arms.
When we are here we feel like one of the family.
Dancing Lessons with Karla at Premiere Dance Inc. Burlington OntThe students here at Premiere are also welcoming. They always say hi and even sometimes stop to chat. The atmosphere at the studio is always warm and friendly, it’s nice to be able to come to a place where you can feel comfortable and you can relax in an inviting area.
Overall our experience with Premiere Dance has been an exceptional one. Definitely a place I tell all my friends about.
Thank you to Carla, Angela and the other staff.”



“The emphasis on the true spirit of teamwork resonates through the energy and camaraderie of the dancers which is felt the moment you enter the studio.Premiere defines the true sense of community amongst students, as well as parents.”

Tania M

“Lasting Friendships”

“I have two daughters who dance at Premiere and after dancing for three years, they have each developed friendships with not only other girls in their classes, but they even consider their teachers their friends. Not only have the girls made friendships, but the moms have as well. Getting together as often as the girls, we the moms have also come to enjoy each other’s company, talk, laugh and help each other out with our girls. I feel confident that the friendships developed at Premiere, whether girls or moms, will last well into all of our lives.

After my experience with several dance studios, I can say with absolute certainty that Carla and her teaching staff have surpassed my expectations and I look forward to continuing to watch my girls grow into strong, confident women.”

Susan S.


“As a new parent to Premiere, the first thing I noticed was the high energy and great vibe to all the classes. The attention to proper technique to every child is very impressive.”

Sue C.